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to the S class: declycx straight no chaser gay Yellow chocobos can reach B class, but rarely A class, while Blue, Green, Black and Gold can easily reach S class. TIP this'll help you cut down the expense of what you will need :Having the W-Item materia is a great help too, as it will save up your money. C-atch a Wonderful chocobo of the opposite sex of your Black one. I used this one and got a golden chocobo also it includes what you can achieve with your new found chcobo And while your at this it will be within your reach to acquire the powerful materia. You can not reach it without a specific chocobo. Mate the Wondeful chocobo and the Black chocobo with a Zeio Nut to get a Gold chocobo. Here's how to get what you will need: -Get the Chocobo Lure materia. Make sure that the Green chocobo you get is of the opposite sex of the Blue one.

This Account: Vivastreet 78 monster black dick gay

vivastreet 78 monster black dick gay

Side note: when you have knights of the round you can equip it with the quadra magic materia and would be a long but ultimate attack. You will need a lot of them toulouse plan cul gay en cam to feed the chocobos you'll catch and breed, in order to improve their statistics. Mate the other two chocobos (Good male and Great female) with a Carob Nut to get a Green chocobo.


Twink Teen Fucked By Black Dick Bareback. I recommend buying one the grosse bite en cam daddy gay poilu first time you get there, and levelling it up throughout the course of the game. Here's some tips on feeding and training: In order to breed the kind of chocobos we want, the couple destined to mate has to be in the finest shape possible.

vivastreet 78 monster black dick gay

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  1. Make them reach class B at least, class A if possible. It can be found on some islands, south of the Bone Village (it has around 30,000 HP, but his attacks are pretty weak, so don't worry).
  2. Catch one male and one female Great chocobo in Mideel Area -Feed and train your four chocobos. Best Answer:  Hey, hope I can help you :D. If you feed one 90 or so, you're guaranteed to maximize its statistics. The fastest way to raise the statistics of a chocobo is to feed him or her with a large amount of Sylkis Greens. These rare nuts are not buyable: you'll have to work a little to get your hands on them.
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  4. vivastreet 78 monster black dick gay
  5. Make them reach class A at least, class S if possible. Feed and train your Blue and Green chocobos. Rent some stables at the Chocobo Ranch.

vivastreet 78 monster black dick gay

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Je veux du cul gratuit hetero curieux Mate the Good female chocobo and the Great male chocobo with a Carob Nut to get the Blue chocobo. Also there will be a link to explain what i meant about the W item trick. To get a Zeio Nut, you need to fly to the northeastern group of islands on the map, and search for one covered with forest. First of all, you should try to do the Chocobo Breeding when you have the Highwind under your control since you'll be traveling a lot and to different continents.
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Vivastreet 78 monster black dick gay To get a Carob Nut, you can either trade 500 GP at the Gold Saucer's Wonder Square for one (after Disc 1 or Steal them from a monster called Vlakorados. To advance the Chocobo's class, you'll need to race it at the Gold Saucer, and win races. Getting three Carob Nuts and one Zeio Nut. This means that you will either have to be filthy rich (selling mastered All Materia works wonders or use the W-Item trick. Mate the Blue chocobo and the Green chocobo with a Carob Nut to get a Black Chocobo.

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